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September 27, 2006



The tricky thing with design history is education is not an established academic field the way architecture has been long established. Some bona fide design historians have come in through the back door of art history like Johanna Drucker or Katherine de Smet. American Studies is a possibility.
Also different Programs have different values and hence different points of view through which design history is taught. (And BTW there is NASAD standards for graphic design education, but there's no law that a design program has to be accredited.)
But I say, get your microphone, gal!

Lorraine Wild

What do you mean by a "standard"? When i was in grad school in 1980, taking architectural history with Vincent Scully at Yale, I got a very different story than if I had taken it at Columbia with Kenneth Frampton (I had to read his books to get his point of view). So are you talking about a standardized curriculum? Or a methodology?

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