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October 19, 2006



What I still feel is most important is that you define your audience. Then you can consider what is valuable information that will drive you to develop a visual means to impart. Part of figuring out audience is also figuring out context – where will this “map” be shown? Which will also lead to – For whom? And why? (The Proposal Development outline will take you through these questions.)

At the moment you have several great directions. The overall concept of a NYC map that conveys more kinds of significant information than conventional maps is a very strong one. The video you made of Times Square is beautiful, while it captures the energy of the place. I also thought you had interesting ideas in your sketches and hope those will continue to evolve.

Consider how you might frame your project — because that should help you consider what you’re trying to do. Since it’s “illegal” to say the project is about making a map of New York (the subject must be graphic design), you’ll have to consider the graphic design goals. For example:
Designing a way of making maps that offer more visually rich information that differentiates the personality of locations. OR ways of visually mapping a place to show relationships between parts of a city and a whole. In other words NY isn’t your subject (it’s your content), designing a new way of making maps that addresses what you feel is the shortcoming of maps is.

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